Please Stop the Motivational (Storytelling) Webinar Plague!

Do you really believe that by attending another Webinar you will be able to transform your life?

Aren’t you bored of listening to some Gal/Guy telling a Rags to Riches story, or a story of struggles and how they achieved amazing success after defeating all odds? I have read, heard and seen (YouTube) more than a thousand stories and heard a lot of people talk about how they achieved what they achieved.

After listening to these guys and their emotional stories, I get charged up and tell myself that enough is enough, I am a different person now, and will not get defeated, I will give everything I got. After a very short-lived high, I get back to my reality and realize that I have limited means and a lot of responsibilities, to take care of, with the limited skill-sets. This leads to a suffocating feeling; I begin to start blaming circumstances and people for my failures and inability to achieve outstanding success in my field and life. I go through a roller coaster of emotions; sadness, anger, frustration and depression; then I go back to watching more such talks and webinars again looking desperately for the secret solution.

The sad part is, this person who acts like God; who is willing to transform my life forever through glorious guidance doesn’t even know me! The speaker speaks of things which are beyond my control or skill-set, tries to woo me through storytelling but doesn’t have the time to understand what I really need and want to change my life.

All they do is take a poll or ask us to raise our hands to their questions just to make the session more engaging, which I guess gives them a false notion of success of the Webinar.

Anybody with sound intellect would know, it is impossible to suggest or advice someone without diagnosing their exact condition. It is like giving a medicine to someone without even knowing the ailment.

So, what exactly is it that draws people towards these Webinars of Glory? Is it the promise of a short cut or secret solution to a better life, success, more money and financial freedom?

I believe, we need someone who is ready to listen to us and also has the time to understand our challenges and reality, a coach or a mentor who has knowledge and experience to guide us in the right direction.

To make this possible we need to become that guide, mentor and coach others at work and in our personal lives. I suggest we become a Learning Friend and make other's success our own success.

What do you think?


S.A. Hussaini

Senior Training Consultant

*Photo byAustin DistelonUnsplash

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