7-Essential Techniques to become an online Influencer!

Given the circumstances we are in, nobody is untouched with virtual learning of some form. And we also had an experience of a webinar, remote meeting or a virtual presentation where the boredom sets in really fast, and we start feeling the itch either to check the mails or just toggle between tabs. And they say it’s a shame because when we first join, we join with the intent to learn something new.

Being able to speak in front of the camera with confidence and grace don’t come naturally to lot of people, even the most experienced speakers can feel nervous in front of the camera. What is it that lens does to people? Whatever the reason may be, video is becoming the key communication vehicle be it for, on line speeches, learning or any other presentation.

Alarms to look for:

· Dry mouth

· Increased perspiration

· Increased blood pressure

· Physical discomfort

· Nausea (at times)

All the above-mentioned sensations are the symptoms of Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking; which is the most common social fear around the world. Although the task in the subject is virtual but the fear is real, so the solution got to be real too. And the best part is everybody can become better by devoting some time and effort.

I suggest these 7 -Essential techniques to get gravitas on camera:

1. Dress well and check yourself in front of the camera and not the mirror this time

2. Get that extra boost of energy

3. Slow down and enunciate more

4. Look into the camera and not screen

5. Watch your background

6. Involve the audience

7. Never stop rehearsing

Communication skills are essential to a collaborative and inclusive way of life. These key skills make us human, and I firmly believe the more one pushes self, the better one becomes.

If you would like to deliver impactful video, virtual presentation or a virtual meeting, we would love to help you prepare.


Dheeraj Arora

Senior Training Consultant

www.My Learning

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